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2017-01-04 12:29 windows setting
2016-12-21 19:32 paper.dropbox + glist
2016-10-12 10:41 Video Record openFrameworks
2016-09-19 23:31 Prototype Spectrogram Rhythm
2016-08-23 01:48 Platine Festival 2016
2016-08-17 11:30 Platine Festival 2016
2016-08-08 10:25 BitPixel Worknote
2016-08-01 23:02 BitPixel Worknote
2016-06-16 15:39 BitPixel Score - Platine Festival 2016
2016-06-16 15:31 Rosetta Comet 3DSynth at a repository of artistic tributes to Rosetta
2016-06-01 12:25 Rosetta Comet 3DSynth
2016-05-29 09:08 Serial Cable
2016-05-06 13:12 Moon3D
2016-02-29 Note
2016-02-10 Raspberry Pi + Mac
2016-02-08 workNote
2016-01-27 workNote
2016-01-27 workNote
2016-01-23 workNote
2016-01-21 workNote
2016-01-19 workNote
2016-01-18 workNote
2016-01-15 dailyNote
2016-01-14 dailyNote
2016-01-13 dailyNote
2016-01-12 dailyNote
BitPixel + Score
BitPixel + Termal Printer
Termal Printer
Spectrum Music Preview...
Test Raspberry Pi II + Camera + ofxTemplate...
Test flying Asteroid...
make Default - update
BitPixel iPhone Video
BitPixel in AppStore
Xcode 없이 Build
Binary Patina II
code note
MIDI Clock with ofxMIDI
StyleNet Experiment
Exhibition ZKM App Award 2015
ZKM App Award 2015
Moon Generator
Beyond The Display
Asteroid Sonification
note "#1"
Github Source Code
Beyond The Display Book
BitPixel concept
Astroid JSON
Interstellar Morse Code / Binary Code
Raspberry Pi 2 - update
Raspberry Pi2 Case
Prototype App Test
csv Star Data Visualization
Spectrum Music Generator (Movie Version)
LHC CERN Sound Generator
oF Workshop Poster
HYG-Database (star data) + color
Lunar Prototype
ofxBox2d Windows 7
LeapMotion 2 Windows 7 & 8
Sao Paulo FILE 2014
Boxes in Sao Paulo at 26.8 ~ 5.10
swift - processing or oF style
Image to Lego
xCode 없이 oF
simple ofEvent
mesh workshop update
mesh example
mesh workshop source files
Stripe, Line
pixelSynth Prototype
new App Prototype
openFrameworks Upstream und Private Bitbucket
ofxCSV, mesh, starData
openFrameworks workshop day 1
openframeWorks intro
VS2013 name change
command windows disable (VS2013, Windows)
reactivision in Processing
bitCompose prototype
Binary Patina.
openframeworks -> .gitignore
oF 를 다른 폴더에서...
new video - destroy monolith in St. Pauluskirche
micro 8bit sequencer
micro 8bit seq. coming soon!!
SourceTree 첫번째
git 과 processing
LeapMotion Dev Kit
Javascript 과 QuartzComposer
MovieExport 를 이용한 quartzComposer Composition
ImageExporter 를 이용한 Application 만들기.
Image Export 예제
QuartzComposer Image Exporter
QuartzComposer 글 업데이트. 그리고 Voice Synth Composition
structure rhythm study
dancing line !
vector structure
The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival
shape smooth
Processing in XCode
Destroy Monolith in Pauluskirche
Working for Destroy Monolith in Pauluskirche
Concept Images for Nacht der Wissenschaft in Trier (28.09.2012)
photos Cologne
Boxes in Cologne
form follows function
NYC 2011
Indivisible Dog in NYC 2011.11
Boxes in New York 2011.11
Catalogue and Poster from Platine Team in Köln
Köln Press Conference Photos from Carlo Zanders
Source Control XCode 4. openframeworks
Press Conference in Köln 2012
ofxMaximilian #1
New exhibition in Köln.
New photos of the boxes for Köln version.
Jupiter and Venus
perspektive matrix ???
My Desktop.
puppet warp
2012 get together
QC(Quartz Composer) + OSC + Processing ===> control Arduino !!
A Day - To the memory of the flight pioneers
DesignFusion 2011
Kinect, QuartzComposer, Museum Interactive System.
quartzcomposer의 자료와 프로그래밍 정리 웹
new prototype
Kinect os x test - Update
Intermediales Design…
Celeste Prize…
prototype #1 for Rearwindow realtime installation
‘Nan’ prototype version from New Project.
destroy monolith
minimal footprint movie posters
QuartzComposer MIDI Test…
open and close… Prototype
a day… Prototype…
GPS log data…
Realtime Explode Testing…
iPhone Line Draw & Line Machine…
40′s ? 70′s ?
Sprials Formula
WheelMachine Processing.js
RandomBoxLine JavsScript Code
RandomBox and Whistle
Lorentz Formular…
Circle Composition
Digital Zoetrope
Webdrawing – Correct or Incorrect.
Silhouette Interference
Galaxy – New…QC4
Triangle – Javascript
Rear Window – Computer
OpenCV… for QuartzComposer
CoGePhotoShop PlugIns…
Wide Angle Lens for WebCam
Sony Eye Cam
QuartzComposer… Default PlugIns… Hand Gesture…
QuartzComposer website 2
QuartzComposer websites